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15 February 2017

Recent conversation with a friend.
Friend. “Are you ever going to retire?”
Me, absentmindedly. “What, no, I haven’t got time.”
And, come to think of it, that’s true. In fact if I want to write everything I’d like to, I won’t have time until somewhere in the next millenium. And I rather think that by then it won’t be retirement that’ll have arrived for me. On the other hand, I can hardly complain, since being constantly busy, happy in what I do, and never bored has to be worth a lot. And how many other people can say that…?

9 February 2017

Many many years ago, an elderly friend said to me that she’d rather wear out than rust out. Nowadays I understand. And the best way to wear out, is doing what you love/enjoy. So I read, hugely and widely.
And in 1969 another old lady told me that what she most regretted was not having done something she believed she could have been good at doing. So I started writing when I had the chance.39 books published so far, another four sold.
And then too, there’s the saying carpe diem, (seize the day) so I cuddle the cat, enjoy the fire in winter, and enjoy being with – and communicating with – my friends all year ’round.
If I die tomorrow, at least I’ve done all those things, I won’t rust out, and I have done what I wanted to do, and through my life I’ve seized days, and as for going quietly into any good night. A while back I wrote a bit of doggeral on that.
It isn’t a blooming ‘good night’ mate!
And I don’t anticipate,
Doing anything BUT rage,
When I have to leave the stage!
The only things that’s absolutely certain about life, is that we don’t get out of it alive. But if I make it to the ‘age calculator’ age (87) I’ve been given, that won’t be bad, and I can always fight for a while longer. And I know me, my last thought will be, “but I haven’t finished that book,” reading it or writing it won’t matter, that’ll be the final howl of annoyance. And on that note, may you all wear out, do the things you really wanted to do, and seize the days as they pass with both hands. And nope, I haven’t had notice to quit, I’m just feeling a bit philosophical.

24 January 2017

Recently I was reminded of how things change. A friend’s 12 year old granddaughter was moaning because her mother wouldn’t drive her to school – a whole kilometre away. I walked a mile and a half to Intermediate and High School five days a week. And I recall a friend’s father saying that he walked five miles to school in his day. At 30 and when I was living in the country, the local school there had a ‘pony paddock’ because many of the children rode to school. I said that, and the granddaughter’s eyes brightened. “I’d love a pony I could ride to school. Muuuum?” (There’s a saying, the more things change, the more they stay the same, I may have just helped demonstrate that…)

4 December 2016

Recently I had to see a specialist. I was somewhat taken aback to note that he reminded me of Doogie Howser M.D. – who was 16.

6 November 2016

When I was young calling someone ‘queer’ was insulting. Even those who were didn’t use that term normally. Now the GLBT community call themselves that – and it’s PC to do so.

2 October 2016

Sigh, I see from news on TV that we are about to be known as “The Anthropocene Age.” When I was 20 I confidently believed that we’d be remembered as builders of great works, for our beneficial philosophies and because of major medical advances. Now at 70 I’m told that archeologists in the far future or indeed alien archeologists ditto will excavate our times and remember us for the filthy line of concrete, decomposed plastic, soot, and radioactive dust that indicate where we were. Not QUITE what I was hoping for.

12 September 2016

You learn a lot of things over the years. One is that the old saying, “do unto others,” is reasonable. However if you live long enough you also learn a corollary. “Do it first, and then dodge – FAST.”

26 August 2016

I don’t mind what beliefs other people espouse. But I get so tired of being preached at with the assumption that if I listened I would live longer, better, happier, or improve my planet. That’s so true of vegans/vegetarians. I have two problems with that, one is that I would NOT live a longer, happier, better life if I joined them. I have a medical condition where I can’t digest most vegetable fibre – and I prefer not to die thank you.
And the other problem is a lot more basic. You can keep your tofu, lettuce, bean curd, and alfalfa sprouts, I am a carnivore – AND THAT’S THE WAY i LIKE IT, okay. (Which is fortunate, I can’t imagine adoring vegetables and not being able to eat most types.) And quite apart from that, I read, I’ve seen the articles and the figures, which suggest that even if we all turned vegan/vegetarian, it would make very little difference to the planet.
So you go your way, and I’ll go mine, but please, as someone or another once said, “leave to others their otherness.” I don’t demand you all become carnivores, don’t you expect me to imperil my heath, possibly my life, and certainly my general physical comfort by trying to be something I am not.

10 August 2016

My new mobility scooter cost $6660, my first motorbike cost me $750. Mind you, I’m a lot less likely to kill myself on the scooter.

26 July 2016

Epitaph on a Politician
(The more things change the more they stay the same.)

Here lies John Jones, a polititian,
convincing constituents was his mission.
Of honour he’d little, of truth he’d nil.
Now in this cemetery he lies still.

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