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6 December 2011

And yes, mine seems to have gone a bit mad this last couple of weeks. I had the idea for a short story about 12 days ago. Scribbled down the basic plot and went off to do something that had to be done outside. Sat down and found I had a second plot. Scribbled that down, and got started writing the first one into a short story. Looked at my timetable – that can become clogged around this time of year – and settled that I’d write another story three days later when I had time. Before I could do that a third plot appeared, was captured, and finally I got down to writing story two. Got both away to suitable markets and just as I was about to write story three, plot four popped up. Deciding that before I was left behind I’d catch up on all of this, I sat down two days in a row and wrote stories three and four, got them away – and found that plots five and six have now eventuated and been captured. It reminds me of a woman who was at a talk I did last year. After the meeting she asked me a number of question with the final one being “Tell me? Do you ever have writer’s block?” My answer was a resounding “No!”

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