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5 February 2013

and it may well be because I’ll be one of the “victims” in a local fire brigade’s two day operation. They plan 24 hours of 20 scenarios with 10 fire appliances and more than 60 firefighters and they wanted volunteers for patients on which to practice their skills. I’ve volunteered, and am encouraging several friends to join me. Apart from it being fun, it’s a service to the community and should anything more happen to me in that line, I’d want the attending fire fighters to have had as much practice as possible. Hence my attendance. More after the event in mid-March baring Acts of Ghod that may prevent me attending.

The Dannevirke News is probably the smallest daily newspaper still in existance, it’s been in print too for over 120 years and now and again when something attracts my attention as a subject, I write an article for them. Often these are based on how to save money in some way, shape, or form, or on something that I’ve discovered on a subject and think may not be known to others. I normally have 4-5 articles in their slush pile for times when news is scarce, which it may have been last month since on checking I find that they used one of my articles each of three Saturdays in the expanded issues. Thus  I find that I informed their readers on – Uses for Honey and Cinnamon, Surprising Things You Can Do With Toothpaste, and Uses For Canned Fish. This may go a long way to explaining why strangers in local supermarkets ask me what they should buy.

Whortleberry Press anthology Jan.2013. 20 stories. Softcover Reviewed by Steve Johnson.

Another competent anthology from Whortleberry Press. Of the 20 stories I didn’t find any that I considered not worth reading and I liked many of them a good deal. Luck of the Draw was one of my favorites. It was neatly self-contained, good beginning/middle/ending, and the characters were interesting. Who Do I Love was a very good tale, a combination of murder, SF, and psychology. A Shaggy Dog Story made me laugh, (nothing like confounding bureaucrats) particularly the last sentence. Playback too caught me up in plot and characters. And my final favorite was Lyn’s Slightly Potty. She has a habit of using events from her own life that friends can sometimes identify, which always amuses me. The other fifteen stories were all good work and I enjoyed them. Which reminds me, I must go on-line and buy some more of these anthologies for myself. Increasingly I find them worth the money.

Note from Lyn the real life event to which Steve refers is that every so often I go to our local pottery group and pot for an afternoon. However I am not and never have been, a vet.


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