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2 September 2013

It may be just about the first day of spring, so they’re really early, but the gaggle don’t care, they’ve already starting laying. Senior goose has a nest from which I’ve already sneaked four eggs (about 8 days worth) and sister 1 and sister 2 have thoughtful looks on their faces as they prowl up and down considering possible sites. This will result in two effects. The first is that right now they’re (you wouldn’t think it possible but they’re managing ) twice as paranoid as usual. Secondly, once they begin brooding, they stay to one side of the lawn – well away from the gate, yes, but Stroppy and Sunny will be ON GUARD! So while visiters have only to beware of two geese for a while instead of the usual five, that duo will be rampantly ready to attack anything at all  that moves on the lawn. A time when the hens, rooster, outside cat, and visiters move faster. Because being goosed can be unexpected and painfu and at this season the boys don’t just bite and retreat yelling. They hang on, only letting go to take a firmer or better placed grip. Visiters beware, geese on nests, ganders on patrol…

Yes, another excellent episode in the Carnaki Institute’s ghost hunting A-Team of J.C. Melody and Jack. The trio are still shaken from some of what they enduredin the last book (and mourning the loss of J.C.s ghost girlfriend Kim) when the Institute’s head sends them off to the country, tasked to investigate the very odd goings-on in a small rural hotel – the King’s Arms. But right now the team are unhappy for a number of reasons. J.C. hasn’t had a decent night’s sleep since he lost Kim, and Melody is furious to discover that Jack has gone back onto the enormous variety of seriously strange drugs that he uses to potentiate his abilities. Her love isn’t enough, and she resents that, while Jack is merely his usual depressed self.

And if the personal problems won’t keep them fully occupied there’s the hotel – where the ghost of a girl who hanged herself 40 years ago and rooms that eat customers are just for starters. Kim is back at least, but the main course is going to be really taxing – if they even survive it. Nothing to worry about really. Just a sacrifice from 1500 years ago who would like vengeance on her killers, the ghost of an old God who may or may not be helpful, a number of druid spirits who definitely don’t plan on playing nice, darkness that keeps seeping through the walls, and the worst storm you can imagine ramping up outside for a final visitation. J.C. Kim, Melody and Jack are going to have their hands full, and readers are going to have an great read. Recommended.





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