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21 December 2014

The one being the cause of the other. Thunder is spending much of his day lately lying under the fruit-laden raspberry bushes, relaxing as they ripen and waiting for some fool starling to descend to eat raspberries. At which time the bushes will part abruptly and a large cat will hurtle upwards, paws swinging, grabbing for a starling. He doesn’t get them usually – although a number must have just about had heart attacks – but it certainly keeps them on their toes. Him too come to that. It’s a perfect illustration of Darwinism.

This isn’t so much my normal review as a note to readers. Back in 2009 I purchased the first in this trio, THE ENCHANTMENT EMPORIUM, read and liked it a lot, so when THE WILD WAYS appeared in 2011 I bought that too. Then last month (Nov.’14) the third, THE FUTURE FALLS, appeared – I grabbed. The theme is old, ‘there are those who are different living amongst us,’ but Huff gives it her unique spin and that touch of humour that I love in her work, and so far as I’m concerned the books are keepers. (As have been pretty much all of her books. I’ve been buying them since they started appearing and have all but a couple of the ‘Quarters’ volumes.) So if you’re looking for something interesting in the way of urban fantasy to read, you could do a LOT worse than these books. I recommend them – and pretty much anything else she writes. Particularly the ‘Summoning’ trio, and the ‘Valour’ books are excellent military SF as well. Go buy!

yes, SHEEP MAY SAFELY GRAZE has been accepted by BREATH AND SHADOW magazine. I’m pleased with this sale, the story was one of a pair I wrote dealing with the life of an ‘old-time’ shepherd, and now both have sold and should be out next year.

9 December 2014

I’m not at all certain, but I have a nasty feeling we may be going to have a dry summer. Temperatures are warming fast, only 10mls of wet so far this month, the recent gales have ripped the moisture out of plant life, and while the wild birds on the place produced an early hatch, they haven’t come back to sit on a second. I could easily be wrong but indications are that it could be one of those long, hot, dry seasons. Great for hay if you shut up the paddocks early, but not so good for regrowth. Oh well, we’ll see…

8 December 2014

yes, our local newspaper continues to find these useful, and, judging by the comments I get when shopping in town, readers quite like them too. Latest have been DON’T WASTE THAT ‘USE BY’ BUTTER and (uses for) HALF A ROLL OF WALLPAPER.