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14 December 2015

Yes, Grave Matters has been selected for publishing in the January issue of Devolution Z magazine. I was really pleased about it too. The story has a kiwi bachground, and I always like to find a home for one of those. Moreover it’s a punning title and a ghost tale, ticks all my boxes.

When I was five and we stayed in the bach my stepfather owned on Waiheke island, the milk came in a billy can that we put out, it was filled by a man who arrived with a horse (Polly) and a cart containing several churns filled with milk or cream. Now I live in a similarly rural area the milk isn’t delivered at all. I have to collect it from the local dairy, half a kay away, but I can do that on my electric mobility scooter. Which system was best? I can’t make up my mind. But I wouldn’t want to be without my scooter.

The weather is finally starting to look as if we could get that threatened el nino too. Not November however, with 89mls. But if the amount of rain is significantly down in December, it could be around the corner. Luckily our area tends to be more moderate than much of the surrounding places. They get floods, we get a fair anmount of rain. They get a drought, we have a dryish summer, and I can only hope that this is so again. But it’s coming up to Xmas, another year been and gone, four more books published, more writing done, more stories out, lambs arrived, my feline associate and I have survived, and things could be a whole lot worse. So – Merry Christmas, happy New year, and may we all see many more of both.

5 December 2015

my author copies arrived in the mailbox about six hours ago. Avalook Publications in Australia has published the third and fourth in my ‘Four Season’s quartet, WINTER OF WAITING and SPRING OF DECISIONS, the former has a great cover from Eleanor Clarke, and the latter is a photograph of my farm, looking across the Manawatu River with the Ruahine Range as the background.
The first two books in the quartet have also been reprinted by Avalook, and SUMMER OF DREAMING (Vogel-winner in 2012) and AUTUMN OF THE WILD PONY have new covers by Eleanor Clarke too. I love the look, and I’m so happy to see the whole quartet finally available.