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11 May 2016

Yup, I should have mentioned this earlier, but my newest Holmes came out from Wildside Press Books a few weeks ago and will be at Malice Domestic – look for it there. I love writing Hokmes for several reasons, one is that there’s no heavy-duty CSI stuff, simply a consulting detective and his best friend, doing what humans do, asking questions, talking to people, and making deductions by the human ability to see patterns even when they aren’t obvious. And Victorian London is a fascinating place in which to set stories – as are places like Bodmin, Bartlett, and more rural areas where things were both oddly similar to farming areas nowadays, as well as quite different in some ways. One day I really must have Holmes stay on a farm and investigate, as a farmer for almost 30 years now, half the fun of doing that would be the differences and similarities. Hmmm, excuse me while I make a note or two…

Nothing is more certain to come around in life than death and taxes. Fortunately only one does it annually.

or so all the forecasts say, and I think they may be right. I’m merely grateful if that’s so, less firewood used, less expense as a result, and my wrecked leg may have less to say. The prolonged autumn has also left me with happier hens, they’ve only recently stopped laying and started to shed feathers all over, and the local mice haven’t yet begun to sneak in out of the cold. Of course, the lack of them annoys Thunder (my 18lb Ocicat) but you can’t have everything. (Although given half a chance, he tries.) And to keep him thinking of something other than food, we had an earthquake a few days back. a 4 point something. Small bump, followed by a larger one. THAT got his mind fof mice – and mine (temporarily) off writing. But only briefly. Then he went back to check his plate, and I got on with my newest Holmes book. Earthquakes here are just an accepted blip in life.

Quick review of this book from Steve Johnson- wow. nudity, tits, a lizard king, and some very strange events. Read this, and if you’re my age, it’s all gonna remind you in a very weird way of Jim Morrison. And that can’t be bad!

And (with a broad grin after posting that from a friend who reviews for this site now and again ) What he says, plus – I like Sarah, it’s really really nice to see an agent that’s female, conpetant, and likeable, also wish we had ‘a bright orange door’ (with all those services behind it) around here.
I set out to read this a few pages at a time over a couple of weeks. (I prefer print books and ended up with this on my computer) Somehow that didn’t work, I kept finding I’d read well into the time i was planning to do something else – a good recommendation. I laughed aloud at the episode of King Karl and the reclamation of his scepter – and world. And then I moved the PDF to a flash drive so I can read it again, and maybe again, and … Yup, I liked it. Buy the book.