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26 August 2016

I don’t mind what beliefs other people espouse. But I get so tired of being preached at with the assumption that if I listened I would live longer, better, happier, or improve my planet. That’s so true of vegans/vegetarians. I have two problems with that, one is that I would NOT live a longer, happier, better life if I joined them. I have a medical condition where I can’t digest most vegetable fibre – and I prefer not to die thank you.
And the other problem is a lot more basic. You can keep your tofu, lettuce, bean curd, and alfalfa sprouts, I am a carnivore – AND THAT’S THE WAY i LIKE IT, okay. (Which is fortunate, I can’t imagine adoring vegetables and not being able to eat most types.) And quite apart from that, I read, I’ve seen the articles and the figures, which suggest that even if we all turned vegan/vegetarian, it would make very little difference to the planet.
So you go your way, and I’ll go mine, but please, as someone or another once said, “leave to others their otherness.” I don’t demand you all become carnivores, don’t you expect me to imperil my heath, possibly my life, and certainly my general physical comfort by trying to be something I am not.

Over and over again our major newspaper has said recently that it’s a dry year. Not here it isn’t. Last month was more than five inches, and so far this month it’s already been the same. Not too wet, mind you. Enough to be an excellent start to spring, but not enough to produce more than the odd shallow puddle, just until the drizzle stops, when the puddles vanishe again. We’re a medium sort of weather area. Others get floods, we get a good rainfall, others get drought, we have a dryish spell. And considering that, it makes me wonder why more people don’t buy and settle here, because it’s a good place to be.

10 August 2016

I am sorry for everyone that can’t follow older comments, you aren’t alone. Some time ago I found that Word Press won’t allow me to look at my own blog from the outside either. Now it won’t allow me to add my own comments in response to yours. Contact the webmater? Oh, yes, well, tried that and all I get is a blank green page. Did manage at some early stage to get to their FAQs, (something I can’t do now) and that was so long and complicated I could never find an appropriate section to check. I tend to the technoilliterate, and frankly I don’t know what to do, or how to do it. And I’m busy writing books, novellas, and short stories, I don’t have time to spend days trying to thread my way through endless stuff that takes me around in circles. So, I’m really really sorry, and at least I can keep posting – when the site isn’t bleating about internal server errors – and if anyone knows how to presuade Word Press to be helpful, that would improve my life, your lives, and contribute to the dialogue.

My new mobility scooter cost $6660, my first motorbike cost me $750. Mind you, I’m a lot less likely to kill myself on the scooter.

yes, first I had confirmation earlier this week that 2 of my original poems, and two stories have been accepted, and immediately posted in the new genre magazine, ALTERED REALITIES, then I had a parcel in the mail. So – if you go to in general, you’ll find a new and interesting zine. If you want me specifically try
Okay? As for the parcel, that was copies of MYRIAD LANDS Vols 1 & 2, a really nicely chosen and presented duo. It’s been an excellent week.

Update on Altered Realities. They have now added THE OFFICE OF SPECIAL CLAIMS and THE SEDRA ANOMALY.