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2 October 2016

Sigh, I see from news on TV that we are about to be known as “The Anthropocene Age.” When I was 20 I confidently believed that we’d be remembered as builders of great works, for our beneficial philosophies and because of major medical advances. Now at 70 I’m told that archeologists in the far future or indeed alien archeologists ditto will excavate our times and remember us for the filthy line of concrete, decomposed plastic, soot, and radioactive dust that indicate where we were. Not QUITE what I was hoping for.

SHERLOCK HOLMES (in) CAT WITH ENOUGH ROPE was out sept.13th. That’s the third Mandalay e-chapbook novella. Once again I love the cover of these and hope that the book which will contain all three plus a short story, will incorporate the same artwork.
Also I collected an honourable mention and publication for my dragon limerick which is to appear in CLAWSOME DRAGON LIMERICKS (a book) edited by Eileen Mueller – who publishes some very nice work. I couldn’t resist doing a dragon limerick when that suggestion arrived and it was fun to be accepted.

Yes, by now three of my four geese are nesting, and crossing the lawn brings danger if the gander doesn’t know you. IF everything hatches – very doubtful – I could have 15 goslings in another few weeks and, probably, a gander who’s run himself into exhaustion and complete paranoia. Someone arrived at the gate yesterday, no idea who, but they got out of their car, opened the gate – and Stroppy arrived breathing fire and slaughter. Whoever it was leapt back, slammed the gate, looked at Stroppy, who looked right back anbd explained on a sustained and virulent hisssss just what he’d do if they tried that again, and the person re-entered their car and drove away. For which I can’t blame them, I am merely curious as to who they were and what they wanted. Guess I’ll never know now. They could have left a note in the mailbox however if it was important, or waited another couple of minutes and I’d have been there to ask. However the up-side of that is a remarkable absence of burglars. Every cloud has a silver lining.