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4 December 2016

It’s probably a combination of that earthquake and the season. Thunder is often firmly affixed to me around now and for some weeks. That’s because I’ve stopped running the fire most days, but he regards temperatures as still a little cooler than he’d like, hence he comes ambling in and attaches himself to me. Happiness is a warm human.
But with the quake on top of that, he’s more firmly and more often affixed than usual, and he wants more attention, crawling up my chest, butting me gently and insisting on being cuddled: and unless I really am too busy, he gets that. And, as I’ve had more friends than usual dropping in this past two weeeks, and most of them will cuddle a hopeful cat, he’s getting – well – not ALL the attention he could wish for, he wishes for far more than anything less than a continuous stream of cat-lovers could provide, but he’s getting at least some of the amount he’d like, so he’s happy. While I, having survived the quake with nothing more than some damage to my huge old rainwater tank, am quite happy too.

Our local newspaper used several more of my ‘consumer/recycling’ articles recently. There were – JARS HAVE A NEW LIFE AS CONTAINERS, MORE USEFUL JOBS FOR THOSE SILICA PACKETS and FIND USES FOR THOSE CHOPSTICKS.
And the SPCA’s summer Quarterly, ANIMALS’ VOICE published my article on pets, KEEPING COOL. Many of my articles arise from things I do myself, or from conversations with friends. And the one on silica gel packets seems to have struck a chord as I had three phone calls after it came out, with callers saying they found the article very useful.

Recently I had to see a specialist. I was somewhat taken aback to note that he reminded me of Doogie Howser M.D. – who was 16.