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22 April 2017

Quite by accident too. A friend emailed me, partly to show me a new poem of hers. I emailed back, inspired by her poem, with a brief 10 line fantasy one of my own. She snagged that for ALTERED REALITY, the magazine she does. So, ON CONSIDERING ALICIA AUSTIN is out, Interesting how things happen.

A while back I was asked if I planned to retire any time soon and I said didn’t have time. Then earlier this month I turned 71, and another friend asked me if I felt older. No, I don’t have time for that either. Which makes me think that someone I read once who said that a real interest in something keeps you young, may have been right. Of course they were speaking metaphorically, a pity that. Bceause if it was literal I think my enthusiasm for my writing could keep me alive for a very long time indeed!

Mind you, that was divided between two entities. My physio came the other week and was on the kicthen floor showing me a new exercise. She sat, Thunder sat with her. She lay down, so did he. She rolled on her back and – Thunder rolled on his back and waved his paws at me. Wasn’t this fun? It isn’t often visiters get down with him…I roared, and offended, sir vanished up the house while my physio looked puzzled, not having seen Thunder’s copycat act. But remembering it makes me smile again. Him and the physio, both demonstrating a new exercise. Maybe Jane Fonda could take the tip and add a cat to her videos.