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23 September 2017

I’m starting to realise I may not live long enough to write all the books I want to – on the other hand, the world may not actually need a thousand books by Lyn McConchie.

22 September 2017

Yup, onto my scooter around midday and down to our local school to exercise my franchise as I’ve done every time since 1967. And I suspect that once again I’ll be wondering about those that scream over the results – many of whom didn’t bother to vote. What part of, if you don’t vote you can’t influence the results, don’t they get?

8 September 2017

I felt free to review this myself, since I don’t have work in it and can say what I like. So – well, it’s good. A nice mix of long and short items, humour, and the scarier stuff. In fact in this issue it was the shorter writing I really enjoyed, Karl’s Corner, A Dog’s Eye on Ghosts, and Red and the Big Bad Wolf:Monster Hunters. Of the longer stories I liked Belfrey’s in Your Bats, and chortled at the title. The editor, David Riley, picks some good stories, and I was very happy to see SF TRAILS back again after a hiatus. The cover too is excellent and striking, as I expected, with Laura Givens as the artist. I hope this does well for the publisher, and that the publication continues because the art is always good, and the selection of work solid.