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6 March 2013

Lucky Break magazine is a useful venue as well as being an excellent magazine to read. Frankly I despise most of the celebrity magazines in which all you read about is people who are famous for being famous, and who behave stupidly, criminally or disgustingly. With LB (and That’s Life, a similar Australian magazine) you get stories about real people and a host of interesting competitions. Much more bang for your buck. Recently I’ve had or sold two short items to Lucky Break, one on “what makes a good date,” and the other – to appear shortly – on “why you shouldn’t always listen to doctors”. I’ve been writing the occasional item published in LB since they started some years ago, and as it’s one of the few NZ venues that pays well, treats contributers well, and does a nice production, other kiwi writers out there could do a lot worse than to consider this market.

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