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6 March 2013

Yes, it’s moving on towards official. If we don’t get solid rain in the next few weeks Farside will have a drought. The geese are annoyed about it, the council (who have to keep fiddling about with water pressure) are annoyed about it, and since I have to keep fiddling about with the water inlet at my gate, I too am annoyed about it. We had a whole 5 mls the other day, sufficient to fill Thunder’s container in his cat park, and to fill the gaggle’s water trough – both under downpipes. But not remotely sufficient to do much for the land. This has been an old-fashioned summer, day after day of lovely sunny weather, but what we need now that everyone is back to school or work, is rain. Send ‘er down Hughie, it’s time. (That said, please send ‘er down in steady drizzle for the first few days, or what we’ll have are floods, and that’s not a lot of help either…)

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