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18 March 2013

At least, according to the weather forecast we’re getting some this afternoon. But I’m not taking any bets on that. The last half a dozen times that’s been said – there’s been nothing, or a miserable half-ml. In fact that was what we had last night. Not a lot for thirsty pastures, frantic farmers, and parched-looking livestock. I’m glad that I don’t as yet have a real problem. There’s hay in the shed, one whole paddock not yet grazed, and at a pinch the two biggest water-users, mine and my mate’s steers, could go to the butcher, as they were due to do before winter anyhow.

Thunder is happy about no rain too. Mind you, he’d like it a little cooler, but not being pelted with the wet stuff pleases him. And it doesn’t seem to be bothering the geese or hens much either. The flock’s complaint about the heat I dealt with by opening a gate so they can spend the hotter parts of a day under the cow-bail roof in the shade. Mildly inconvenient, because that’s where the hens like to eat their wheat, and with the sheep there, the hens have conpetition. Watching sheep hoovering up small grains of wheat is amusing. Watching the hens physically protest that hoovering (it’s OUR wheat!) is a lot more so. And it will rain sooner or later. What I don’t much like is the suggestion that this could be a pattern for the future. One very dry summer I can live with. Twenty more I won’t be so unbothered by.

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