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28 April 2013

I’ve been scrambing to clear away a long list of writing I’d said to myself I’d have off my plate by the end of April. Not sure I’ll make it, but in the past week I’ve – written 8 short reviews for a UK magazine and an article for them, revised 3 items to date from the collection of cat stories due out this year, written an article on legal aspects of standard catalogue phrases for our newspaper (appeared) sent 2 queries re anthology stories, plus 2 story submissions to other anthologies, written chapter one in a new book, made notes for 3 more articles, and completed a new short story. My chimney has been swept for the coming winter, (thanks John.) Thunder left me a dead mouse by the TV, (thanks Thunder,) and one of the hens has decided to go broody – ten feet up in the hay barn on one egg. (I’m not optimistic even if she is.) And at this rate, while I may not be clear by April 30th, I may be within a few more days of that date. All go. (And as usual it leaves me wondering what people who ask if I don’t get bored are talking about. Chance and time would be fine things…)


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