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8 May 2013

Yes, he had a great week a couple back.  A long lost relative (and partner) arrived and to my spotted friend’s delight they were cat lovers. He landed joyfully on the settee between them and was cuddled, scratched, stroked and petted for an hour and a half. When they left he followed them to the kitchen door, and beamed approvingly after their departing figures. That’s how visitors should be! (For me it was very nice to see them too even if for some reason the email address I have for them  may not be going through.) That was the Monday. Tuesday a friend dropped in and paused to cuddle him, Wednesday my next door neighbour dropped some stuff off and he had a chin scratch, and Friday I went to a bookarama with a friend – who paused after giving me a hand in with my books to, yes, cuddle my ever-hopeful pal.  Saturday he had my house manager who always cuddles him too, so that on Sunday he flopped. Fast asleep on my bed the entire day, cuddled out. But he’s been a very happy cat, and if he could command circumstances, I think he’d like a lot more weeks like that one.

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