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9 June 2013

Yes, I can say that winter is now here and that has been heralded by firewood arriving for the coming cold wet months..and by much physical effort, some of it mine. Several cords were dumped on my lawn outside the woodshed and I was left to heave it from lawn into the shed. Last weekend that involved all Saturday, as my house manager did almost all of the work for the first delivery, but she’d gone by the second and I was left alone, hurling heavy chunks of wood across the gap between where the shipment had landed, and to under cover. I managed about half in a series of work episodes/rest-and catch-my-breath episodes before running out of daylight and energy. Fortunately a friend took pity on me and came over to toss the rest under cover over the next couple of days. So I now have a shed full of firewood, and Thunder and I can look forward to days and night of NOT freezing – just the way we both like it.

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