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22 June 2013

It’s gone very wet this last week or so and the Bamboo Clump birds are turning up more often to share the hen’s wheat. Not that I or the hens mind that. Back when I built the cat-park for Rasti, the original cat here, I also planted a clump of bamboo in the corner of that. It grew, as bamboo does, and is now well past the wire-netting overhang, and around 8 feet in height. The upper levels have long since been colonised by small birds, Sparrows, Chaffinches, Green-Finches, and a lone Yellowhammer pair. Around 60-80 birds. They live in surprising safety since Thunder my Ocicat  isn’t that interested in them really, and as he has a massive objection to other cats, any intruder is sent on his way after a brutal beating. So the small birds are suprisingly safe from predation. They seem to know it too, and while they don’t approach my feline friend, they don’t mostly bother with alarm calls about him either. It isn’t exactly the lion lying down with the lamb, but it isn’t a bad compromise.

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