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12 August 2013

Yes, I just signed contracts for Lone Star Jackson – Outlaw, with Dave Riley’s Steampunk Trails. Pleased about that since I’ve been selling to Dave for years now and I always like to sell him another ‘weird western.’  In fact I was counting the other day and find that of the specific sub-genre Weird Western I now have more than a dozen sold/published which means it may be a reasonable time to consider writing 4-5 more, and seeing if I can find a publisher interested in doing a collection.

Why another 4-5? Because I object to any collection where all the stories included have already appeared somewhere. If someone likes your work and follows it, there’s a good chance they have already read everything in a ‘everything published’ collection, so what are they paying for? Katalagein, the SF/F cat stories collection recently published by Sky Warrior Books, has five new stories in it. And I’d like to keep to that with any other clollection I sell. Just to be fair to anyone spending the money.

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