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20 August 2013

Weatherwise that is, and it has been. For several months at the start of the year it was very dry. Not a real drought, not where I am, but much drier than usual. (Tararua is a good place to farm, the weather evens out better, fewer dry spells, fewer floods – although there’s no wind shortage.) Then came June and it rained, not heavily, but a steady drizzle that went on and on and… to the tune of some 175mls. Followed by July which gave us just under four inches, briskly followed by August. So far this month we’ve had 151mls as of this morning. Another 25mls or so this month and we will have seen an average of six inches a month for the past three. And that’s precipitation by most standards. It’s good, it hasn’t been downpours, just steady drizzle and showers, so that the ground has soaked it up as it hit, but with the mild winter, grass is already growing well – a month early – my sheep are all looking smug about that. Not so smug are any visitors. Encouraged by the early spring the gaggle are already courting and seeking suitable nest sites. They are also into full paranoid mode in case anyone approching up the lawn is a would-be eggnapper. It’s wise if you’re calling and unknown to the ganders, to stop at the gate and wait for my arrival – that or be very fast on your feet and wearing tin trousers.

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