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13 September 2013

and they certainly were. Although they could have been worse, we didn’t lose power as half the South island did, and we had only 28mls – just over an inch- of rain, not the flooding others had. But it was a wild couple of days. I was watching the 6pm news on TV Wednesday when the first gust came out of nowhere, and if that wasn’t around 150K I’d be surprised. The whole house shuddered, Thunder dived for cover with me, and I sat clutching my cat and being very thankful that I’d anticipated the gale and let the fire go out much earlier. We had a fairly wild night although where I am I doubt that the basic gale rose much above 100k, although in lower immediate areas it was a solid 120k. But no damage here, and even the goose currently nesting doesn’t seem to have been that bothered. But any time we have our gales, I’m reminded that in the USA winds of 119 are classified as a ‘hurricane.’ Yes, well, we just had around 36 hours of ‘hurricane.’

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