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22 September 2013

I was in the kitchen with my house manager when there was a loud buzzing and we became aware that we had a companion – a large irked bumble bee. I grabbed for the bee-jar just as the bee vanished iunder the sideboard. My house manager took the jar from me, dropped to her knees and peered under the sideboard from whence came an agitated buzzing. She emerged after several minutes with the bee safely in the jar although it had quite a lot to say about that. Fortunately translation wasn’t currently occuring, although after 25 years of this, I could make a fairly good guess – “Interfering humans! I don’t want to be imprisoned! And I don’t want to be in this kitchen either!” We agreed with that last, so the bee was conveyed outside, shaken from the jar, and departed as if equipped with Jato units. I know that now and again Thunder catches a bumble bee and lets it go inside. But he’d been nowhere near the action this time. I can only think that the idiot bee had entered of its own free will and then found where it had arrived at, wasn’t where it had planned to be. And that won’t be the last time we see one by any means…not now that it’s spring.

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