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30 September 2013

And I notice that in the past couple of weeks I’ve been inundated by a slightly different spam type. This all in a frenzied spate of French. Since I speak – and read – no French it’s a complete waste of time sending it to me. It appears to come from a list of women’s christian names and looks to be all the same. Sigh. I really do wonder about spammers. What the heck is the use of sending me long messages about something or another in a langauge I can’t understand? I mean, even if I was interested in the product and wanted to buy it, I’d never know because I can’t read the message. Something that applies even more to the even longer still  messages that I’ve been receiving in Chinese. Several pages of chinese characters is – er Greek to me. And a waste of everyone’s time. Do spammers even have a brain? Or could that perhaps be the subject for a new medical investigation…

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