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9 November 2013

Softcover (I think, larger than usual pb, smaller than ususal SC.) Roc. Sept.2013.

The whole tone of The Dresden Files books changed around three books back in the series. Harry found a daughter he didn’t know existed, was murdered, came back as Winter’s Knight, and found that he now faced an enemy that was greater than he’d ever known about. This is the one where he confronts them, half-loses someone he really cares about, starts off on a different tack, and finds that a lot of the assumptions he’s made for the past couple of years were wrong…or right, depending. The tone has changed in another way too. Before Changes (12th in the series) the books could be easily read as standalones, that isn’t so effective any more. Now they’re a part of a continuing story and really, you need to go back three or four books to get the complete story line and understand everything that’s going on.

In Cold Days Harry’s been commanded by Mab, to whom he is now Winter Knight, to kill Meave, the Winter Lady. Problem is that Harry is told by someone he trusts that Mab has been contaminated by outside influences and is mad. Outsiders are trying to break into the world, and the world right now is in an incredible mess due to Harry’s extermination of a whole section of a vampire group worldwide. Every power-merchant or criminal gang has rushed to fill the power vacumn and are locked in combat over territory. Chicago isn’t as bad as some areas, but it’s heading that way and Harry needs allies fast. He also needs Mab off his back, to know if she really has gone mad and what do to about the outsiders attempts to break into the world in which Harry lives. It’s an incredible mess and Harry is, as usual, right in the middle of it and apparently responsible for some of it and responsible for clearing up the rest of it. Cold Days is a good book, well-written, very engaging, but I’d recommend it only if you’ve already read the previous couple. If not, start at the beginning and read the series but don’t read this one until you’re clued in on earlier events..

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