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15 February 2014

the usual egg trickle is down as of late January. I have four hens visibly sitting (3 on hot air and hope, one on 7 eggs) and heaven alone knows what some of the other hens are up to. I’m averaging an egg a day instead of half a dozen. That’s enough to keep me in eggs, and friends who usually get the surplus will just have to buy them from the supermarket. I understand why, when I ask if they’d like a few eggs, they say yes. My hens are completely free-range and their egg yolks are a rich orange and taste like real eggs. It’s one reason why I have hens, I love eggs like that. The other reason is that I like to see the hens scratching about, clucking to each other, being rude to Ed the cat, and generally living life as hens should. It’s a ‘twofer’ and you can’t beat that.

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