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2 March 2014

And it certainly does seem to be less rainy than usual. I had my suspicions that this could be so coming into January and so far they’re being confirmed. Unusually we seem to be getting not only less less rain than usual but also less than the nearest larger town 20K away, which has had four times our amount over February to date. Since I understock rather than overstock it’s not likely to be a problem for me, but if it continues dry it certainly will be less than good for some of my neighbours who carry greater stock numbers. Nor does it bode well for March. I’m only glad that the hay barn is full. However last year we had problems with the water supply when there was a lot less rain than usual, and if rain is down this year that’s likely to be a problem again. It’s always something with us farmers. (And having gone into print to say that we’re short on rain, it’s my experience that we then get weeks of horrendous rains and have to worry about floods instead… In fact this is the ten year anniversary of the 2004 February floods which, while they didn’t effect me up here, certainly did much of the rest of the country (and a number of rural bridges) a lot of no good!)The latest forecast suggests that rain is on the waythis coming week and it may be – however the last 20 times they’ve claimed that’s so, there’s been little or nothing, so I don’t plan to sit about expecting it.

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