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11 May 2014

Ever since I got back from Conclave 2, the National SF Convention in Auckland I have had a cat glued to me. It didn’t help that I vanished to town for most of the day, two days after I returned. Or that the next day I was also absent for several hours. Thunder seems to have decided that if he is affixed to me like velcro-kitty, then I can’t go anywhere. This is true, but it isn’t helping when I want to write. So we’ve compromised, he can be velcro when I’m not writing, when I am, the ‘working’ rule applies. He may not bother me. He seems to be happy with this and I am too. It’s impossible to write around a very large cat draped along the keyboard. And unhappily, I had to rush off to hospital in the early hours a week later again, and was gone for half a day. Thunder is now glued to me even tighter, while wearing a deeply suspicious look whenever I move. I gather I’ve really pushed boundaries with that last absense.

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