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20 May 2014

back when I was in my twenties I worked for an advertising company in Wellington’s CBD, (J. Inglis Wright.) I have fond memories of the place, great workmates, pleasant bosses, and a nice workplace. And as a side benefit we were offered extra and well-paid work doing surveys, actual door to door in those days, not phone calling or on-line as they are now. So around every second weekend I would take a day in which my husband (David Murray McConchie) drove me around the designated suburb while I trotted to a number of houses to ask questions about how much they drank, smoked, what they spent, how recently had they purchased their house, and other question of a type that nowadays, remembering, I’m mildly surprised that no one tossed me out. I found it fun, and these days when someone phones me I always do their survey if I have time (mostly) and fit the right profile, (quite often.) One of the regular surveyers asked me the other evening why I was always so happy to do this. I said that it was in memory of my own survey days, and in gratitude that – considering some of the questions I was given to ask – no one had ever been nasty about it. I feel that I can hardly be less reasonable. So I answer the phone, and reply, all the while remembering nostalgically, the fun I had doing this door to door in the 1970s.


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