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31 May 2014

Over that last week we had a couple of nights of howling gales. I came out the morning after the second night to find Thunder insistantly commenting on a problem. I discovered that a whole panel of his cat park trellis had been literally unwoven by the wind and much was broken. My feline friend wished it to be known that he was not happy about this! A friend arrived ten minutes later and put a temporary solution in place, now all I have to do is buy a replacement panel, find a way to get it out here, and nail it in place – and I’ll have a happier cat. Funny how many people that think a cat wants to be free to roam. Mine, introduced over the years to the cat park, have all loved the security it provides. I love it for the fact that I don’t find my cat on the doorstep one morning; savaged by a stray dog/cat, run over by a car, or shot by some idiot with an airgun. Nor do I have a cat go missing, never to be seen again while for the rest of my life I wonder what happened to a loved feline friend. Cat parks are GOOD!

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