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23 June 2014

The new trio of geese have now been here for several weeks and have settled in well. A local friend took four of the original group, (now on burglar alert at her farm) while I retained two of the originals and added the three new young ones – that very usefully, are not related although mostly of the same breed – Sebastopol. I’m hoping this influx of new blood will produce a hatch or two of goslings in October too. As it is and as I write this, they are commenting loudly on someone who paused at the gate to turn around. Whovever that was went again, quickly.

And if I know anything about spammers, I bet that this post will shortly be cited in a number of spam comments attached to information about handbags, ugg boots, and various other merchandise that you’d have to pay ME to buy, what is it with these idiots…?

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