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9 August 2014

Perhaps what is the final load of firewood arrived for the winter last weekend. I was worried about that since while we had a long dry spell over the start of the year, that’s been very well made-up for ever since and the lawn was soft. The sort of soft where a big truck can sink hub-deep into the lawn and stay there. Luckily the firewood man had, most sensibly since he was delivering a smaller amount of wood, used his ute and trailor, and that glided over the soggy lawn with the greatest of ease, not even leaving wheel-tracks, let alone sinking into the surface. So I have firewood again, hopefully sufficient to last me until the weather dries up in October when I can start buying in and stockpiling again for the next winter. And even better, to date it’s been a milder than usual winter so that I used less wood and found life less chilly. I don;t know about global warming, but I wouldn’t mind more winters like this one.

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