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31 August 2014

and they certainly are. Inspired by the new pullets my older hens have also moved into full laying mode and I’m currently collecting a stack of brown, and green eggs every day. (I have several hens that are part-Araucana, a breed that lays green eggs, and some strains of which can lay blue or lavender eggs too. That’s only the shell of course, inside they’re normal eggs – Although I do wonder if Doctor Seuss had Araucana hens?)  But being completely free-range my hens produce eggs of which the yolks are orange, anbd have a flavour that is realy ‘egg’, not the palid, tasteless yolk of battery hens. I have hens for three reasons, one is that IMHO a farm should have hens, two is that I love seeing them wandering freely about, leading happy normal free hen lives, and the third is that by gum the eggs do taste better!

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