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7 September 2014

I hadn’t realized this until I looked up the lawn while bringing in firewood and noticed that one goose was sitting in the hen’s dust bath. Next time I went out I noticed that she was there again – and a third time. So when I fed them next morning – and she was in the dust bath yet again, I waited until she was eating and went up the lawn to look. And yes, several eggs neatly tucked into the dry drifted winter leaves that mostly fill the hollow. I’m divided about her laying there. It’s a bit close to the line of a walk from gate to house, which may mean visitors could be unpopular with the gander. On the other hand it isn’t that bad and could be a lot worse. So she can stay, until or unless it causes trouble. She is only laying as yet, not sitting, and I’m now alert for the other three girls, to see when and where they nest. The two given to a friend started nesting earlier, and with the swapping around I did of geese and ganders, it’ll be quite interesting to see this year who nests, and what they produce.

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