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5 October 2014

more of my consumer articles have appeared in our newspaper in the last four weeks. They reprinted YOU’VE WON A TRIP…IS IT WORTH IT?, which is also on this blog. And new articles, ODD USES FOR OLD TENNIS BALLS, 10 NEW WAYS OF USING PAPERCLIPS, and 10 THINGS TO DO WITH PIECES OF OLD GARDEN HOSE have been published.

Some have asked where on earth I get ideas for these articles, and the answer is easy. My mother grew up in the great depression of the 1930s, and had a huge body of knowledge of recycling and of making up things from ordinary items found in a kitchen cupboard. I learned a number of these from her, and over the years have added others. I begin most articles of the type with something that I use already, and go on from there to quiz friends, and chase down other sources. I enjoy doing the articles and have a lot of fun seeing some things that can be done with bits and pieces regarded as discardable but which may be given a new life.

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