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3 November 2014

Sigh, complete confusion with Sisters One and Two, the geese who were sitting. One got off the nest, apparently bored. She’s been sitting originally on seven eggs. Now there were five, and her sister decided to take over. But then last weekend she too became bored and got off. By that time they were down to three, which, having chilled overnight, would have been dead anyhow so I discarded them. Meanwhile Senior goose is sitting on 2-3 eggs in an obscure corner of the hay barn. It’s a good spot, out of the way and sheltered, so maybe she’ll produce goslings. I live in hope. And above her, (about seven feet above her on a stack of old hay bales) Goldie the hen is sitting devotedly on five eggs. Maybe there things will go well – hmmm, she hatched three absolutely tiny chicks. Wonder how well they’ll survive?

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