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16 November 2014

Howling gales on and off over the last two days. NOT to my liking, and still more annoyingly, it prevents me from cooking the piglets cracked barley – which I do on my freestanding enclosed fire, and I’m never happy using that in the really bad gales. Fortunately I saw the gales coming and cooked extra barley on Thursday. Now if only they’ve died down again by Monday all should be well and I can cook more barley then.
Goldie, my bantam/hen mix hatched three tiny chicks a week ago, one vanished that night, no idea where, but the other two are fine so far. As her mum before her, Goldie takes very good care of her chicks. Another hen (Tawney) is sitting on 4-5 eggs and as I have several friends who’d like a hen or three from me, I hope she is also successful.
The geese have stabilized again for a second brooding as Senior sitting in the hay barn on 2-3 eggs, and Junior sitting by the corrugated iron stack on 7 eggs. No guarantees however, the gaggle’s production of goslings is extremely erratic. However if they hatch everything I’ll have no problems as I have people wanting that many goslings – mostly as watchgeese.

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