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2 January 2015

As may be guessed from the recent HUFF review, I’ve been re-readinmg all my Tanya Huff books over Christmas. Last to be read were the three ‘Summoning’ books which I like best of all her work. I was just reading Austin the cat’s demand yet again to be fed – when my own resident feline leaped onto the bed, marched up and applied a paw to my arm. “I’ve been scaring starlings from your raspberries and I’m starving, Feed Me, NOW!” I looked at him and laughed, to his indignation. But it struck me as funny that I was reading a cat’s demand for food, at exactly the moment Thunder arived with the same plea. I shouldn’t have laughed however, it cost me extra cat biscuits to placate my friend. Because cats really don’t like being laughed at.

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