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18 January 2015

Looking back on 2014 I had a certain amount of status quo there. Eleven stories published in 2013 in anthologies and magazines, and twelve in 2014, so not much difference. Twenty-one articles in 2013, twenty-seven in 2014, a minor improvement there. But books may be the major change this year.
2014 saw only one book out, Sherlock Holmes: Repeat Business, and my western South of Rio Chama was republished as an ebook for the first time. Two other books were intended for publication that year (TO SERVE AND PROTECT, and WINTER OF WAITING) but owing to a temporal glitch they have been rescheduled for early 2015, but then with them, and barring another glitch will be the Sherlock Holmes: Beastly Mysteries volume, and possibly although not certainly, the fourth and final book in my Four Seasons Quartet, Spring of Decisions, and there wil be, again barring glitches or gremlins, the publication of my disaster novel, VESTIGES OF FLAMES, later in the year. So if all goes well, four if not five of my books will be out in 2015. 2014 wasn’t a bad year all in all but 2015 shows promise as being even better.
The books appearing this year should be a good spread too, a double mystery volume, a collection of mystery short stories, one, or perhaps two farm adventure YAs, and the disaster novel.

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