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18 January 2015

Well, we’re solidly into 2015, the year of Back to the Future (as we keep being reminded by TV) and a lot less has changed on the farm. The gaggle has had an unsuccessful year in gosling-production, so no change there. The hens managed to hatch only four chicks, no change there either. Raspberry bushes produced a little under 13kgs, down by about a third on last year, however the lemon tree did a bit better than last year so that balances. Things don’t change much on a farm from year to year unless there’s a disaster like the year we had even worse than usual gales and my covered yards were ripped to pieces, or 2003 when we had a real snow and around 150 outsiders were trapped in the village for a couple of nights. On the other hand I quite like the status quo as regards to the farm and hope it stays that way.
Not that life provides guarantees. The piglets would wish it did – if they but knew. As would the two massive steers my friend and I have been rearing for beef over the forthcoming winter. And another hen is sitting, on a very large clutch of eggs and if there WERE guarantees, she’d hatch the lot. Oh, sigh, and all my books would be best sellers. Yeah, right!

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