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28 February 2015

Here in New Zealand we may have slightly different cat food available, I’m not certain. But my Ocicat, Thunder, gets a three-way mix in cat biscuits – he refuses to eat almost any other form of cat food, although he’s happy to occasionally steal something from my plate if I’m not watching closely enough. I mix Friskies, Hills Dental Biscuits, and RD Diet Biscuits in a small measure and dish them out to him, a sprinkle at a time over the whole time between getting up and going to bed. I can’t give him the whole lot at once as he’ll eat it in seconds.
But now and again his diet may vary – next door’s cat is Ed. A three-year-old Blue/gray and white moggy who’s a friend of Thunder’s. The other day Ed caught a young rabbit, ate most of it and then hauled a leg, disjointed at the shoulder, to the cat-park trellis and watched happily while Thunder hauled it through into his cat-park and ate it. I was later thriftily presented with the fur. I’m displeased with this on two grounds. One, that it disrupts his diet, too many rabbits and all the weight I strive to get off and keep off him will return, and second that while it doesn’t upset me, I find removing a fresh portion of rabbit pelt messy and would prefer not to have to do that. But then, I have a cat – what do I expect…

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