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26 March 2015

Apart from the ‘a bit over an inch’ of rain we got here from Cyclone Pam, March continued to be a dry month. That’s approved by most of my creatures that prefer to be warm and dry given a choice of weather. It isn’t the preference of farmers however and the level of complaint is rising. Sigh. How pleasant it would be if that affected the weather. Problem is that the city population would, I suspect, and like the creatures, also prefer it dry, so if the weather did listen to the majority we could well live in a permanent drought. Guess that makes what does happen more acceptable. But if anyone is listening, a bit more rain would be useful, not a flood, just maybe 4-5 inches worth, also known as 100-125mls please over April. Er, it’d make a nice birthday present because my age changes April 3rd.

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