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26 March 2015

back in 2008, I sent the Reader’s Digest Smart Animal’s section a true tale about my Jersey Cow. It appeared, I was paid, and that was that. However I like animals, I enjoy animal stories (as do a number of my friends and family,) and when the above book was published I finally got around to buying a copy. What was my surprise on reading it to find my story therein, with a new title, and with no one having bothered to let me know it was being reprinted. In fact they’ve shot themselves in the foot slightly. I tend to start buying birthday presents/christmas presents for the forthcoming year for friends and family as soon as New year has gone.
But by now it’s late March and I already have several of each. Which means that, had I been courteously informed of the reuse of my work, I would have bought at least 2 more copies of this book to give as presents. Maybe even 4 or more. But now I don’t think I will. I’m annoyed by the discourtesy, and disinclined to add to their profits. And the thought occurs to me too, if they couldn’t be bothered to tell me, and there are a VERY long list of contributors in that book, how many other sales have they lost because some will feel as I do? Annoying those who are contributors and usually subscribers too, is not a great idea.

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