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18 April 2015

And it certainly has. April to date has produced over five inches of rain. This has left me in turn with 5 happy geese, the gaggle having been out wallowing in all the puddles and honking joyfully. Not so happy was a hen I saw on the Tuesday morning last week. I have no idea where she spent the night but it can’t have been in the hay barn or hen house. Possibly the idiot roosted in a shelterbelt tree and it drizzled all night. When I saw her arrive for breakfast she was saturated, and very unhappy about it. In fact it looked as if she epitomised that saying, ‘not enough sense to come in out of the rain.’ Hopefully she’s learned a lesson, and the next night it’s that wet, she’ll find shelter, it isn’t as if there’s none around. Birdbrain!

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