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18 May 2015

Having got my latest book off for the publisher of that series to consider, I have ‘only’ to write three new articles, my blog posts, a special review, get my annual flu vaccination, and move the sheep. Nothing at all really when you consider that I have two weeks in which to do that before I start a novella I want to have done for submission before the end of June.
The weather has continued moderately wet, with 48mls for the month so far, and almost all of the hens have gone off the lay as it’s also turned colder. (Either that or a number of them have established new nests I haven’t found.) I’ve been lighting the fire each day but letting it go out at night, something that – if the forecasters are right – is about to change, since we’re being promised a freezing Tuesday night, and if they look to be right I’ll stoke and bank the fire for that night. My damaged leg doesn’t like real chill and I’d prefer not to be limping about for several hours until a newly started fire warms the house. Ah yes, the first real sign of winter, an overnight fire.

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