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30 May 2015

As I may have said before, I have a simple system with these. Something sparks a thought, I write the article and it goes to the newspaper where it’s held until they have a suitable space. Sometimes I can have an article in each Saturday for several weeks, and then there may be a gap. It doesn’t matter, the editor usually has 10-12 to choose from and sooner or later inspiration will strike and they’ll get 2-3 more to replace those used. Latest lot appearing have been –
USES FOR PLASTIC BREAD TAGS appeared Dannevirke News, Saturday March 7th 2015.
RAINY DAYS AND BORING WEEKENDS appeared Dannevirke News, Saturday March 14th 2015
BRUSH IT (A host of other uses for old toothbrushes.) appeared Dvke News, Saturday March 21st 2015.
CITRUS PEEL TOO USEFUL TO THROW AWAY, appeared Dvke News Saturday 9th May 2015.
OTHER THINGS TO DO WITH NAIL POLISH, appeared Dvke News Saturday 16th May 2015.
And yes, currently they have another dozen in the slush pile. Writing these is fun.

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