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30 May 2015

Thursday I went off to our nearest town to give a talk (followed by questions) on my writing. I enjoy such events and had a very pleasant time. I don’t charge for this if the talk is local (within 20k or so) as I feel that it’s not only fun for me, it’s good PR for my writing. Many groups are quite small and couldn’t afford to pay me large amounts anyhow. So if asked, I say that my ‘fee’ is door to door transport, and if they want to give me a ‘thank-you’ gift, home baking is always acceptable.
So I had a great talk/question session, and returned home with a lovely bunch of flowers – which promptly went into a vase on the kitchen windowsill where they are flourishing – and some three 2L ice-cream containers filled with (yum) jelly-top slices, almond biscuits, shortcake, and other delectables. Money is nice, but in this case the home baking by very good bakers is my preference!

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