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14 June 2015

Well, it’s now winter, the fire is going day and night, (except when we have overnight gales and I let the fire go out. Better safe than sorry.) I’m back to hauling in firewood every day, the hens have finished their moult and are fully clad once more, they’re still laying in a trickle, about 2-3 eggs per day from the dozen, the sheep have been hauled in (protesting loudly) and had pants and tummies cleaned up and been drenched for parasites, and I’m settling in for the cold months along with Thunder who enjoys the season for two reasons. One is the fire, the other is that from now on until it warms again we’ll have a steady seep of mice sneaking in to relish the fire too. So Thunder won’t have to go into the cold to hunt, the prey, so to speak, are coming to him. We had a cold snap for several days a couple of weeks ago and he nailed three mice in as many days. Now with temperatures solidly into chilly and staying there, he will have constant good hunting. So we’re settling in for winter, the fire and prey for him, the fire and reading and writing for me. With luck it’ll be a productive winter for both of us.

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