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18 June 2015

Yes, Lethe Press originally announced that my SF/Disaster novel, VESTIGES OF FLAMES would be out in July. However they liked it and it’s gone ahead faster than expected so it’s available now, yes, RIGHT NOW. So go buy it pleeeease. It’s cheapest and easiest to order at the source.

Yes, there are cats (dogs too); on the other hand, there are also – gasp horror – Lesbians! And – bigger gasp – two transvestites. There’s also worldwide disaster, death, and men, women and desperate children fighting to survive. So…? Surely you can identify with someone somewhere in that?

If you liked Day of the Triffids, The Death of Grass, or many of the other ‘end of the civilized world’ books, you may like this one. Buy a copy and find out.

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  1. Hello, this book sounds good, I will definitely get it. I love your work. But, I was just wondering, are you going to do any more BeastMaster or Witch World novels? I am dying to see what is going on with those fabulous characters.

    Comment by N. Bessler — 1 August 2015 @ 09:13

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