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28 June 2015

People often ask what a writer does, well I write and farm both, and that can keep me very busy, as in – mad day last Thursday. Typical writers day however. Got up at 7am, hauled in firewood, day is freezing, feed all the livestock including me.
     Started writing at 8.30. Stopped at 11am to go out and collect mail, tell friend, nope, no cash to loan. Give in to Thunder my Ocicat. Down to shop, and back for fast lunch and more firewood haulage. Better do so now because it’s starting to spit and I won’t want to do that if it’s raining.
     return to writing again until after 3pm. Eighteen pages done today on my new Holmes novella which is good because I want to finish it by Tuesday night so I can then do my IRD expenses and have them in on time.
     Stagger to bedroom, do three competition puzzles, read a short Heinlein story, go back out to haul in more firewood, feed the livestock, and – once in again – go on line for two hours to catch up on – emails, submissions, PR for the new book, and consider what new books my bookshop is offering. Reel out and stoke fire, bring in more wood, yes, it’s now raining so that’s the last lot. Feed the cat who’s convinced he’s about to die of starvation, tell friend, yes, if they’re away for a couple of days I’ll feed their animals, run the pump to make sure the header tank is full,
     7pm – Go get a small tub of strawberry yoghurt, a book, two magazines, turn on the TV news and die for the evening. Oh, and that isn’t counting three phone calls. Two out, one in, or the discovery that we have a mouse – again. But the phone calls were resolved (I hope) and Thunder will deal with the mouse in his own time.
Friday was no better, and in addition to all as above, I added feeding 2 pigs, a cat and dog all belonging to friends and doing it in the rain. (Thunder did deal with the mouse, plus a second one. However he ate part of one and threw up twice on the kitchen carpet.) Ah well. Life is what happens while you’re making plans to do something else.

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